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Congratulations, Sir Eric Michael of Pensacola, MR. ROUNDUP 2018!

Sir Eric Michael is the NEW Mr. Roundup 2018!

Richard McCoy, Mr. Roundup 2016, congratulates Sir Eric Michael, chosen Mr. Roundup 2018.

(July 14, 2018, Pensacola, Fla.)

    He is manager at The Caberet in Pensacola.  But now, Sir Eric Michael will have to mind two masters. Sir Eric is now Mr. Roundup 2018!

     Sir Eric emerged from a group of 5 competitiors during the contest at The Roundup.

     Each contestant answered interview questions and performed a number of "wild west" related tasks before three judges and a packed house.

     Sir Eric moved to Pensacola a little more than three years ago, developing a family of friends in the LGBTQ community. He now says he wants to explore the world of leather and challenge himself to be more involved in the community. He'll have several opportunities to do just that, when he represents The Roundup in the Mr. Mobile Leather Contest during Mobile Bleather Weekend August 3 & 4. He also plans to take part in the Mr Louisiana Leather Contest in New Orleans Decadence Weekend.

     A MAJOR THANK YOU to ALL 5  CONTESTANTS AND THE CROWD! Thanks to the shake down, er, "efforts" of our contestants, and your generosity, The Mr. Roundup Contest raised $833 dollars in about 15 minutes for OASIS! Oasis is the community help agency bringing strength to the AIDS/HIV affected communities in the Pensacola area, as well as preventive education.

    A heartfelt thanks to all of the contestants: Sir Eric Michael, Rod, James, Stephen and John!


Photo collection provided by: Sir Eric Michael
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