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   There are 4 categories in the competition:


     1 - Off Stage Interview with the judges, dress however you would like. This is done individually.


     2 - Bear Wear - on stage, dress in whatever makes you feel masculine or Bearish. Levi/leather attire is always a plus. This is done individually... but if you come unprepared, we can assist if you give us enough notice.

     3 - Swimwear or Underwear - on stage, dress in underwear or swim wear, you will probably get wet in this section of the event. This is done individually.


     4 - Jockstrap - on stage, dress in a jockstrap. There will be a task done on stage as a group. This category will be the least amount of time on stage. Send any inquiries to

  What you need to know to compete in

 the Mr. Gulf Coast Bear Contest!

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